Welcome to Dorothy’s Web Blog!

This site is for you – for your healing; for guidance; support; knowledge; wisdom; and joy. As I’ve said to countless clients and students over the years, we can do wonderful work together in session/class, but it’s what you do day by day on your own that will make the most profound difference in your life. For this reason, I’m creating this space to provide information and tools to assist you in your daily practice.

The general qualities your daily practice should provide for you are:

1) RELAXATION – the absolute first step. Releasing and relaxing the nervous system will make processing anything on any level easier and more thorough. It’s also one of the best things you can so for your overall health.

2) Awareness – it should help you become more aware of what’s going on inside of you – physically, mentally and emotionally. And if you’re so inclined, spiritually and psychically.

3) Comfort – the ability to become more comfortable with whatever inside of you is uncomfortable is perhaps one of the greatest skills to have. It can serve you on all levels – whether dealing with physical or emotional pain, attempting to learn a new skill or surmount a great obstacle.

4) Presence – I have found the three previous qualities of central importance to finding this one. It’s very hard to be present if we’re tense, unaware, or deeply uncomfortable. So taking the time to do the previous 3 can lay important groundwork for this most precious gift – being truly present with who you are and with the world around you. That is, becoming fully Alive.

My promise to you is to do my best to keep providing you with services and resources to obtain these qualities. My invitation to  you Рmake the promise to yourself to put them into practice.

With Love and Respect,



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks Dorothy! Yes, being fully alive and expressing our true self and sharing our love with others and the world is a beautiful gift!

  2. Thanks Dorothy! Yes, the greatest gift we can offer ourselves & the world is to fully be & express our true self each moment of our lives! Thanks for the reminder. Love the mountain view & energy.

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